I happened upon your hand
holding mine,
not realizing it was there

a hand sculpted of
helping and holding, full of
marvelous bends and grooves
worn thick by toil

yet holding me
with a touch light and full
speaking softly into my palm
transfering itself
sublimely covering my flaws

where did you come from


the summer sky calls my eyes
to stare with head back,
straight up thru lids filled with yellow dizzy
Swaying at the whim of the world
opened to new dreams
my thoughts strummed
by fingers of cloud
I ask them, I tell them,
I wander in their hands till
finally, full, I spiral to earth


stream floating leaves
embolded by their color,
shine brilliantly by--
striving toward the possiblity
of their coming new world,
slow to realize they have been
first by wind,
now by water
and soon by
by the weight of themselves,


mediocrity screams
in my ear as it hovers near
my mind alone its taunt's target
ever my companion, my comparison
always there,
mocking my triumph and
dampening, ever danker,
my joy
rendering everything
in the backcolor of doubt


when I get close to river trees,
the promise of their limb's embrace
always draws me out of the margin

once immersed, I am greeted
with tatters of leaf light
that wander down to dapple me
in sun colored camouflage

seduced by the musty taste
of old in the air
I burrow deeper,
lead on by the undercurrent of sound
that only stops as my ears
approach recognition

as I bend and twist along
my friends reach out;
scratching and tugging with branchy hands,
cleaning away all the loose things,
snaring away the layers I have accumulated
since our last embrace.

until they expose me again
restoring young eyes to an old soul
helping me give up the weight of worry,
letting control slip away and
affording me small moments
of innocence.